ASMR: Braingasms

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What is it?

For a New Year’s Eve post, I thought I’d talk to you about ASMR. If you haven’t heard, it’s been very popular in the past few years. It’s not a very well-researched phenomenon, but the basic concept is that ASMR is a very pleasant and relaxing tingling type of feeling that can occur in many parts of the body, but most commonly occurs in the head and scalp. ASMR can be sexual or non-sexual, and may also help induce sleep and a calm state of mind.


You might refer to ASMR as a braingasm, or even an eargasm. Typical triggers for the feeling are whispering or soft talking (especially by female voices), tapping, clicking, or crinkling. Soft noises seem to trigger more than others, but triggers will vary between individuals.

ASMR has been around since 2007, and has been thriving on Youtube as well as on messageboards and forums. Many free ASMR videos are available online by both female and male performers. Triggers for my own ASMR include: hair brushing, soft whispering, paper crinkling, typing, and pen scratching. Try some soft noises of your own and see if you can feel this strange phenomenon yourself!

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Happy Holidays!

First off, my apologies for the drop-off in new content. Hopefully I can start to put up some new fetish posts in the new year. I won’t be taking too long of a break myself, so definitely look for new videos in the next couple of weeks!

I hope you have an amazing and safe holiday and/or break full of kink and good cheer!



Tit Worship


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What is it?

Breast worship, or ‘tit worship’, as it’s informally known, contains elements of body part fetish, BDSM, and most obviously, a fetish for breasts themselves.

Although the breast seems to be ‘worshipped’ by many people already, what we’re talking about specifically here is a specific type of sexual play, most often used in a dominant/submissive relationship.

Why do people like it?

You might already have a breast fetish, or your partner might. You might engage in breast worship to please your dominant, or tantalize your submissive. In short, there are any number of reasons, and just as many definitions of breast worship. It may be intensely pleasurable or painful depending on the individual.

How do you do it?

The main focus is an intense or lengthy amount of attention paid to the breasts alone. Breast worship might include kissing, licking, stroking, fondling, squeezing or sucking breasts and/or nipples. If the person receiving worship enjoys BDSM, any number of methods might be employed during breast worship, including: pinching, bloodletting, pumping, spanking/slapping, piercing and more.


Consent, cleanliness (especially with any sharp implements), and courtesy for your partner should be all you need to have a great breast worship experience.

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Erotic Hypnosis and Mental Domination

Find erotic hypnosis and mind control videos here!

No, this isn’t your traditional hypnotist show, but it’s not a modern hypnotherapist’s session, either. I’m talking about something in between the two, erotic hypnosis and mental domination.

What is it?

Though usually this type of hypnosis is done in a BDSM context, it isn’t limited to the dominant and submissive. Many may choose to use hypnosis in a recreational way; for pleasure, relaxation, or domination (among other things).

Why do people like it?

Hypnosis can be a means for mental and physical relaxation or meditation, or a giving up of mental control, which is often extremely therapeutic or pleasurable for people. The act of performing hypnosis on others in a BDSM context might also be a way to display dominance or to persuade a submissive to do your bidding.

What are the variations?

As you can imagine, there are as many variations as there are digits of pi. In general, erotic hypnosis is practiced by dominant partners who love to control their submissives, and submissives who enjoy having their mind and body completely controlled by another. General hypnotherapy techniques are often used with a kinky twist in mind.

The specific technique will vary from person to person, but generally a relaxation or induction is used to get the person into the desired hypnotic state. From there, any number of things can happen, but usually this involves the person being hypnotized being given mental or physical suggestions upon which to act.


  • performing humiliating tasks like clucking like a chicken, undressing, doing something unexpected in public, etc.
  • perform a physical task which might otherwise not be possible (face a fear, have a higher pain threshold, participate in play they might otherwise find mentally or physically intimidating)
  • implanting mental suggestions for a subtle but all-encompassing hypnosis of the person throughout their daily life.

How to indulge your hypnosis or mental domination fetish?

Find a consenting party, and go play. Watch some porn. Listen to some binaural beats. Try to hypnotize yourself.


Make sure your partner has directly consented to the hypnosis and all activities that may follow.

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Halloween Fetish?

No, to my knowledge, this isn’t a real thing. But if there was such thing as a fetish for Halloween, I’d probably have it. I go crazy every year compiling a list of my favourite horror movies, sew my own costume, and (most importantly), I like fetish and kink activities that go along with it! So here are my ideas for you to have a fetish-filled and fantastic Halloween.Dress up in your favourite bondage gear and scare the kids down the street!

  • Get wet and messy with some chocolate and caramel.
  • Costumed roleplay is always fun. Especially if Batman is involved.
  • Vampires, witches and all kinds of monsters can be sexy and creepy!
  • Make a blanket fort and tell ghost stories in it. Then do dirty things in the fort.
  • Give out kinky party favours and candy! There’s nothing like candy and a giant dildo.
  • If you’re a dom, get your sub a hilarious costume and humiliate them in it. Bonus points if you wear a costume, too.
  • Play ‘hide the piece of candy’. Get as creative as you need to.
  • Smash some pumpkins. With your feet.
  • Drape yourself in a sheet with just one hole in it and let the ghost-boner fun begin!

In all seriousness though, have an awesome Halloween (and bring your pets inside that night)!


Sissy Fetish

This one is another requested post! Lipstick, panties, bows and lace, today we’re talking about cute little sissies!

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What is a sissy?

Okay, let’s go ahead and start with the dictionary definition as it concerns this fetish: “an effeminate man or boy”. That’s perfect to sum it up. In essence, being a sissy is part of feminization and female domination. A feminized male submissive is a sissy. A sissy is a submissive man who is dominated, controlled and forced into changing his gender in every way possible. It’s important to note that sissification isn’t only part of BDSM, and that it can also be a lifestyle choice. Although many sissies are ‘straight’ or cisgender males, many are also homosexual, bisexual, or transgender.

Why do people like it?

For a (predominately female) dominant, forcing a male submissive to change gender roles is an excellent way to gain control, humiliate or dominate, especially if that submissive considers himself extremely straight and rigid in his own gender roles. A dominant also might gain pleasure from seeing gender roles reversed.

Breaking out of these same roles can be very freeing for a submissive, allowing him to explore new territory and sexual feelings free of societal or mental guilt, as well as further training to please their mistress. As well, if the submissive partner has a natural curiosity about feminine things, or was raised in a family with very strict gender boundaries, feminization or sissification can be a really great and psychologically healthy way to explore complicated feelings and emotions about femininity or gender.

What are the variations?

A sissy might be into many different fetishes and BDSM practices, including (but not limited to):

  • crossdressing
  • bondage
  • humiliation
  • chastity
  • cuckolding
  • rubber/latex/leather
  • age regression
  • punishment
  • makeup
  • pegging
  • bisexuality
  • hypnosis
  • maid fetish
  • masochism
  • breast growth or expansion

How to indulge your sissy fetish?

A sissy’s transformation may be permanent or temporary, in private, public, or with a partner. To complete their transformation, a sissy may:

  • wear overtly feminine clothing and/or lingerie such as dresses, pantyhose, skirts, high heels, petticoats, bras and panties
  • learn exaggeratedly feminine mannerisms of many types, including: speaking in a feminine tone, sitting demurely with legs crossed, walking with a feminine sway to the hips, or playing ‘housewife’ or ‘sissy maid’.
  • use cosmetics, makeup, costumes, wigs, or role play a very feminine role (maid, schoolgirl, princess, etc.)
  • change a more masculine name to a feminine name (Example: Robert becomes Bobbi or Roberta)
  • learn to provide sexual pleasure to males to completely play the role of a ‘straight girl’, either through domination sessions, videos, or other instructional methods.


  • Know your limits, and know your safe word. Every time. Make it clear to your dominant what your needs are, and if you’re a dominant, keep your submissive’s safety needs met. Remember, being in control means being responsible.

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Fart Fetish

Girls fart too? Who knew? I did. Click here for more farting videos!

What is it?

Fart fetish is just that; a love of farts! They can be your own farts or the farts of another, or even farts from a specific gender. You might enjoy hearing, smelling, or seeing farts. Farting might make you aroused, or you might just really like it. In any case, if you love poots, read on.

Why do people like it?

Fart fetish may be part of a different fetish for someone, or a fetish all on it’s own. Smell is strongly connected with memory, and this could be a reason for the smell of farting being sexy. Someone might have acccidentally ripped a fart during sex. You might even find farts pleasing or sexually arousing for no reason at all, or you might not be able to pinpoint the reason. In any case, people enjoy seeing, hearing, smelling and doing their own farting for many different reasons.

What are the variations?

Generally, someone with a fart fetish will prefer the real live thing, with both candid farts and intentional farting being loved for different reasons. Farting can be a part of domination or humiliation if, for instance, a dominant is farting on or at a submissive partner. Someone might also enjoy their own farts, accidental or embarrassing farts, or farting videos.

Farts may be preferred based on sound, smell, volume, or the appearance of the person farting. Body position, underwear or clothing can be a huge factor, as well as the surface the subject is sitting on, as all of these will produce a different sound. In general, louder, smellier farts seem to be considered sexier. With regard to farting videos, authentic or ‘real’ farting filmed when the subject naturally has the urge to pass gas is preferred to videos in which farting is induced by pumping, or farting sounds are added in post-production.

How to indulge your fart fetish?

Indulging a fart fetish might involve none, any, or all of these:

  • farting alone or with a partner
  • smelling the farts of another person or vice versa
  • watching videos of farting
  • toilet farting, another subset in which farts on the toilet are preferred (this is also connected to toilet fetish).
  • being farted on, with the subject’s buttocks touching the body or face (face sitting and farting is a very popular type of female domination and humiliation).
  • voyeuristic fart fetish, in which truly candid farts are sexiest


Don’t…. don’t light your farts on fire. Promise?

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What is a fetish, anyway?

So, what the heck am I talking about? What is a fetish? Isn’t it a weird sex thing?

What a fetish is:

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary provides two definitions that apply to fetish as I will be discussing it (disregarding the religious connotations the word can have):

  • an object or bodily part whose real or fantasied presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression
  • a fixation

Dictionary.com also describes fetish as:

  • any object, idea, etc., eliciting unquestioning reverence, respect, or devotion

What these definitions tell us is important: what a fetish actually is, and why they can be so varied. Any object, situation or idea that can be fixated upon could be defined as a fetish. The most important thing to remember when trying to find out about fetish is just that. Fetish is fluid. The definition and variations of any number of fetishes can and will vary from person to person. The best way to find out about a particular fetish is to ask someone who likes it! You can also find more information by browsing fetish websites or (sexual fetish) porn.

Fetish is more than just something sexual. Often, indulging in a fetish can provide mental, emotional, or psychological release. Indulging in a fetish can help to relieve trauma, relax, and entertain, or even make you cum.

What a fetish isn’t:

  • wrong, weird or shameful
  • always sexual. Fetishes can be completely non-sexual as well.
  • rare. Many have fetishes that they don’t discuss openly, for many different reasons, including the stigmatization and dramatized portrayal of non-vanilla sex in the media.
  • easily explained. Everyone has different reasons for liking their fetishes, and everyone has their own (often very interesting) ‘back story’ about how they came to like their fetish. Ask a friend! You might find out something interesting.

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Hair Fetish


Pubic hair, armpit hair, or head hair. You can bet there’s someone out there that loves it. (Click for hair videos!)

What is it?

Someone with a hair fetish loves hair, in one form or another. Whether it’s their own hair or the hair of another, a hair fetish can be focused on many different parts of the body, and can tie into many different types of play.

Why do people like it?

Hair can be a very sexual part of the body, and human hair is one of our defining characteristics as a species. The tactile sensation of having another person’s hair draped across your skin is fantastic. Even having your own hair brushed can be a wonderful feeling. You might enjoy the sight, scent, or taste of hair.

What are the variations? How do you indulge a hair fetish?

A hair fetish can depend on a large number of things, including (but not limited to):

  • length, cut, colour, texture, or location of the hair on the body
  • growth or shaving of hair or body hair (including eyebrows and eyelashes)

How to indulge your hair fetish?

  • BDSM play with hair can include hair pulling, cutting/shaving, hair brushing, or styling.
  • Other types of hair play: Hair jobs (sexual stimulation using hair itself), voyeurism (especially salons), ejaculation into hair, touching hair, hair styling, washing, brushing or hair colouring.

How can you be safe?

  • Always use proper equipment for cutting and styling.
  • Know your partner’s limits with hair pulling, cutting or any other types of hair play.

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